Grands Locations is India’s finest and one of the largest pre-wedding shoot locations in Ludhiana. Best location to make a movie, music video and pre-wedding film. We have vast space for indoor, outdoor and also we have big stage and sets located in Ludhiana Punjab.

Grandz Locations is the pre-wedding ride for couples based out of Ludhiana. The picturesque infrastructure is for those in love. The heartwarming settings in the background with exotic decoration will make any couple feel special. This pre-wedding destination has been a magnet for newly weds to be.

70+ setups mixed indoor and outdoor shoots. Are you looking for a pre wedding place to get your pre wedding? Or, are you looking for a venue that is unique and not just the same old spots with modern make-over? Well then look no further! We have what you are looking for from indoor and outdoor cosplay sets

Special areas for photography and cinematography specially designed for you to celebrate your memories.

Book now with us to get the best rates at Grandz locations Contact us 8872052909