The Best Location For Pre Wedding Shoot In Punjab (Near Alamgir LDH)

Do you want to have your pre-wedding videography or photography in Punjab? If yes, then visit Grandz Locations. One of the best locations in Punjab with 90+ sets & props that will give both traditional & western touches to your pre-wedding shoot.

Here are some photographs of Grandz Locations Sets:-

1. Morrocan Set

King of pre wedding locations

This is the unique & antique set for the pre-wedding shoot. There are so many locations in Punjab, But no one has this beautiful set. This will add such a beautiful touch to your pre-wedding shoot. Book Now

2. Garden Set

King of pre wedding locations

Make a pre-wedding shoot story natural, every photographer needs a nature scene. That’s why this set is designed to get the perfect shot: a gorgeous garden with a fountain. Book Now

3. Kacha Ghar

King of pre wedding locations

At Grandz Locations, you can shoot with both traditional & western sets and are well-maintained. Moreover, we have a willy jeep which gives an antique look to your pre-wedding photography. Book Now

4. Italian Street

King of pre wedding locations

Italian Street – The queen of pre-wedding shoot sets. This is the most beautiful set for the pre-wedding shoot. It gives an foreign touch to your pre-wedding. Book Now

Grandz provides best of the best outdoor locations in Ludhiana Punjab and easy setup to shoot at any time. We support you in shooting commercial or music video, pre wedding etc.

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